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domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

TEDxMcGill, Relentless Curiosity

Saturday November 20th 2010

Wisesap had the chance to attend the TEDxMcGill event, held in the Marché Bonsecours, Montreal. It was, indeed, totally worth while spending ones Saturday to listen those incredible students, professors and professionals talking about such amazing subjects.

Among all talks, those who were interested in ecology and sustainability had the chance to learn from Graham McDowell, his approach for de-abstracting climate change issues, something he claims is a clue factor for governments, NPO, doers, or simply for those concerned about climate change, to learn about the real and drastic problems arising from climate change in a local scale.

"Abstract terms as average temperature increase, or ice-cap melting rate doesn't help assessing climate change on a human scale". His research, which aims understanding the real adversities of climate change, took him to Nunavut's Baffin Island, or as far as Nepal.
His field work contributes enormously monitoring the human consequences of climate alterations, and to evaluate the specific needs of those who are already suffering those consequences. The following link gets you to McGill's Daily, where you can read an interview to Graham about his work in Inuit territories.

Baffin Island Inuit hunter. Through Picasa.

Following Graham's presentation, we had the chance to hear from the McGill Environment School, student Jonathan Glencross, and his relentless commitment to the McGill's Sustainability Project Fund. The project tries to close the circle between the inputs and outputs of McGill's Faculties, while providing alumni sustainability projects on which they can work.

Bottom line, the project not only helps the university to be more sustainable, but also opens a door to students to have an incredible opportunity to get involved and to put into practice innovative initiatives around sustainability. If you are a McGill student and still unaware about the project, check it out! McGill Sustainability Fund

Through Google - Jonathan Glencross

Finally, Wissesap would like to thank people like Graham or Jonathan for their incredible work around climate change and sustainability. As the TED slogan says, thank you for spreading the good ideas that are worth hearing to mitigate climate change and to reach sustainability both in local and broader scales. Everyone has to be aware of what it is being done!


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