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martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010


The most eco-friendly option would be to not wear any underwear at all…Alright! But for those women (like me) not willing to follow Paris Hilton’s “eco-friendly” steps, I’ve discovered Enamore, a sexy, fun and stylish eco-friendly lingerie brand that’ll please your most high expectations.

Our lingerie is ethically produced with fair trade principles in mind. Our manufacturers and designers endeavour to ensure that all of our workers from those who harvest the materials to those in manufacturing are paid fairly and not exploited in any way. We believe all people are equal and should not be forced to work in 'sweatshops' or equivalent conditions. (Enamore)

While playing fun and sexy Alice in Wonderland or Betty Page pin-up fantasies, at the same time you´re being eco-friendly and supporting a fare trade brand… What else could you ask for? A plus: Their affordable prices! This Lady Coco Shorts only cost 15 £.

This Black Lashes Beaded Shimmies are handmade in the UK to order (£55). More products on their website http://www.enamore.co.uk/ . One of my favorites? Their pin-up hair accessories!

How and Where to purchase Enamore lingerie? There are stockists in Uk, France, USA, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
But you can also buy online at their own website http://www.enamore.co.uk/ or in a few online boutiques such as By Nature, Glamorous Amorous, Milk and Honey, Mygreenlipstick, Saumarez and the Natural Store. For more info: http://www.enamore.co.uk/stockists .


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