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miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010


An Eco-Bio Yoghurt that I´ve found @ Carrefour Supermarket in Mallorca ,Spain. It was a delicious discovery, because I have to admit that is really really good, yoghurt. To try it was like...Mmmmmmmm...Mmmmmm...Yummy!!! And super healthy at the same time kids!


jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

Salon national de l´environnement in Montreal

This past week we´ve been pleased to visit the 5th edition of the Salon National de l´envioronnement in Montreal.

What was it? This is the description of the event that we´ve founf on their website (http://www.terrenouvelle.info/en/visitor.html)

The SNE is a thematic show, divided into four different sections focusing on the following major categories:

  1. Transportation: Alternative or low-emission means of transportation, hybrid, hydrogen or electric cars, public transportation, carpooling, etc.
  2. Awareness, Education and Health: Awareness organizations, groups, agencies, private companies, government department, teaching institutions, environmental training, placement services, health institutions, research organizations and laboratories, NGOs, environnemental groups and association,etc.
  3. Energy and housing Energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, new technology, etc. Ecological construction, renovations, green materials, eco-villages, social housing, shared accommodation, etc.
  4. Responsible Consumption and the 4 R’s: Reduction at the source, recycling, re-use and rehabilitation. Bio-agriculture, fair trade, ethical investments, simple living, support organizations, eco-tourism, etc.

It was a really interesting visit, where we discovered a lot of projects, brands and eco-movements that we´ll be explaining, in the next weeks, exclusively to YOU my dear reader!!!

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010