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viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

In my opinion, fashion has been stacked for a long time under a lack of creativity. It’s been years since the only thing that I’ve seen is the “new” 90´s, 80´s, 70´s, 60´s, 50´s etc. All this, while we were expecting the XXI century to be a synonym of FUTURE, and honestly, during this years I’ve been feeling quite disappointed… But this has started to change! The future is now being born, not only thanks to the technological innovations that are starting to be introduced in fashion, but also via new eco-friendly designs. Creativity and evolution are strictly related to necessity as the eco or sustainable movement is doing right now. For example, consider Coco Chanel and how she revolutionized the fashion aute cuture and fashion industry by answering the increasing female demands with a modern, feministic and personal sense of style… And talking about future, fashion and so on; I’m proud to announce that the first Eco Fashion Week in Canada, The Eco Fashion Week, will take place in Vancouver between September 28 and 30.

The Eco Fashion Week (EFW) will showcase national and international fashion talents with an emphasis on those making strides to support and embrace eco and green philosophies. The event seeks to promote environmentally-conscious trends in fashion and to applaud and support designers, manufacturers, and retailers who are shaping these trends. And I really love the fact that during the EFW a series of educational seminars will be featured, including; “Is there place for fur in eco-fashion”, “Lifecycle of a garment” and “Eco as a movement, not a trend”.
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jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Sustainable Furniture

Ecology's stands for greek οἶκος, "house" or "living relations"; and -λογία, " the study of". In other words, the study of the house. That is to say, the study of our home; the place where we all live. You mean the planet or my little apartment in down-town? The paradox of sustainability is to meet peoples need for products, and ecology. Taking this into account, À hauteur d'homme has used designer Louis-Phillipe Pratte creativity and hunger for eco-product design to introduce a bunch of extremely simple but aesthetically durable furniture. Take a look on some of their pieces.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Arthur: A simple but sturdy trestle.
Juliette: a chopping board
Mauricio: A low cabinet.
Arthur + Yamada: Combination of trestle and board.


All Hh products are made out of FSC local wood and are locally made. In 2009, the company has launched the fair is fair programme. 1 tree cut = 1 tree planted. Moreover, all products are available with no-finish, or ecological finishing. If you're a contractor, an architect firm or interior designer, you can claim for LEED points for your projects.

If only there were more companies like Hh. As their moto says: The tree in us!

By Dave