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jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Sustainable Furniture

Ecology's stands for greek οἶκος, "house" or "living relations"; and -λογία, " the study of". In other words, the study of the house. That is to say, the study of our home; the place where we all live. You mean the planet or my little apartment in down-town? The paradox of sustainability is to meet peoples need for products, and ecology. Taking this into account, À hauteur d'homme has used designer Louis-Phillipe Pratte creativity and hunger for eco-product design to introduce a bunch of extremely simple but aesthetically durable furniture. Take a look on some of their pieces.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Arthur: A simple but sturdy trestle.
Juliette: a chopping board
Mauricio: A low cabinet.
Arthur + Yamada: Combination of trestle and board.


All Hh products are made out of FSC local wood and are locally made. In 2009, the company has launched the fair is fair programme. 1 tree cut = 1 tree planted. Moreover, all products are available with no-finish, or ecological finishing. If you're a contractor, an architect firm or interior designer, you can claim for LEED points for your projects.

If only there were more companies like Hh. As their moto says: The tree in us!

By Dave

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