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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered

Dear reader, I'm here today to introduce you a book. I shall say though, it needs no introduction, so it was written in the seventies, and has sold over seven and a bunch-of-zeros copies all over the world since then (I don't make up, it says it on the cover).

For those who didn't believe or thought that the very fundamentals of sustainability lie on the link of economy, society and ecology, and that each of them are, after all, related to the study of almost everything, from natural and physical sciences, to ethics and philosophy, politics, anthropology and sociology, etcetera. Through its pages, you will find the answers of all your questionings and scepticism about sustainability. Introducing Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered by E.F.Shumacher (I beg you pardon for this enthusiastic presentation. This book was really a breakthrough to me and I felt I had to make a worthy introduction).

The summary: Nothing but a great deal of beautiful dissertation about modern society and capitalism, explained from the seventies, but still clearly appropriate to today's economic and ecological crisis. A claim to a new economy on a small and more human scale.

If you are already concerned and aware of problems like materialistic behavior, overconsumption and depletion of natural resources, about centralized power and overpopulated megalopolis, you will find in this work all you need to sum up what are the very inherent problems of our overrated economy. If you know less of what's all this about, and you want to be introduced to the subject, then the easy-going and extremely coherent and revealing paragraphs of this book will show you what it is to be on the right path to sustainability! (unfortunately not the one we have been walking on for the last 50-or-so years). Discover it by yourself!

Finally, check out for the EFShumacher Society Youtube Channel, where you can find speeches and interviews of Shumacher and followers of his ideas.

Credit: Amazon.com
by Dave

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