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viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Coalition of the Willing

I´ve just had a crush with this inspiring, artistic and visually awesome short film that, in addition, perectly matches with Wisesap´s philosophy.

Its creators have described it as "An animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world. " I totally agree with them.

I promise you that time will fly while watching this 15 min. film. It´s beautiful, funny and smart! So... enjoy!

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ has been Directed and produced by Knife Party, written by Tim Rayner and crafted by a network of 24 artists from around the world. For more info: http://coalitionofthewilling.org.uk

by Guio.

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