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jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

How nice is to see that things are being done to fight Climate Change?

For all the dreamers,

For all those who belive that things can be done, all those who believe in changing the world, all those who keep believing in their dream though it implies ardous work...This is a proof of how things can be done, are being done and proofs that dreams can become true.

From today, a month out from the start of the UN Climate Convention meeting in Cancun, Mexico, UNEP (United Nations of Environmental Program) will release online case studies to show that solutions to climate change are available and can be copied and scaled up around the world.

The examples are just the tip of the iceberg and highlights in terms of existing successful climate initiatives and programes. One of the most successful initiatives? Solar Loans for Solar Homes in India http://www.unep.org/unite/30ways/ .

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