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martes, 12 de octubre de 2010


Thieves is a Canadian environmentally-friendly fashion brand founded in 2006 by Sonja den Elzen. A little bit about its philosophy? “Sonja den Elzen conceptualizes her creations through unifying sustainable fabrics, organic textures, collaborative graphics, and sculpting these elements around the form of the human body.”
Their Fall-Winter collection is dark, modern and with a little futuristic touch that I love. U can see more at http://www.thieves.ca/small.html

Even though Thieves is Toronto based, it's possible to find its designs in many places, such as Montreal (4 Elements at 4326 ST- Denis).
But for those who prefer to do first some online window shopping, visit http://www.thievesboutique.com/ , where you could have a look at its online boutique. I especially liked the 5 in 1 dress, which is very nice and it’s a smart investment (http://www.thievesboutique.com/Thieves-Clothing-5-in-1-Dress-58.html )


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