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martes, 20 de julio de 2010

The mistery of Lightbulbs

Recycling sometimes (specially in Montreal) can be kinda complicated… There are many unsolved questions on “recycling land”… So that’s why I’ve decided to put on my best Sherlock Holmes costume plus a new British accent (that I’ve always loved) and resolve the mystery of Light bulbs; what’s recyclable and what’s not?





According to www.recyclfluo.ca; CFLs must be handled with care and disposed of safely. In case of broken certain precautions must be taken to avoid any risk of mercury contamination:

* Recommended to wear rubber gloves
* Using a piece of stiff paper or cardboard to pick up debris
* Then, clean up the spill with a damp paper towel
* And be sure to put the debris and the paper towel in a tightly secured plastic bag.

Mystery solved!

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